Talofa lava - but English language welcome on this page!
I may collect up some external messages to keep track of bodies and persons to whom I have mentioned this Wikipedia.
Robin Patterson 01:10, 25 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Oh come on!

This is a Samoan Wikipedia! Quit being a jerk! It will develop on its own like all other Wikipedias! Take a look at the Hawai'ian Wikipedia which was almost completely excised of English, or the Limburgish Wikipedia which went from 0 to 100 articles in a very small amount of time, or the Wolof or Quechua Wikipedias which recently started being active.

There is no excuse to fill this Wikipedia up with your useless English content. This is a place for content in Samoan. If you want to write in English, do that on the English Wikipedia, not here.

Atua Mata Lili is watchingEdit


You are under the eye of Atua Mata Lili and he is now true to his name - he really have them MATA LILI in his head now!!

Atua Mata Lili can punish if you continue bad behavior in Polynesia's Wikipedias!!

Message from Atua Mata LiliEdit


Atua Mata Lili got them even more the MATA LILI in his head now. He says "Those English people all the same, got no respect for them other people! This man, he say 'if you want this to be Samoan Wikipedia', but he got fluff in his head coz this IS your wikipikia samoa already!" You watch out coz Atua Mata Lili got his mata on you and he really lili now, and can punish you!!!

Sysop statusEdit

I removed your sysop rights. Seeems there's an objection here.

--Snowdog 23:28, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Talofa Robin Patterson!

The 2004 article has been restored. I sincerely apologize for deleting the article in the first place. --Jose77 02:00, 9 Ianuari 2007 (UTC)


Greetings friend, I need your help to improve samoa wikipedia, I would like you to help me make templates and infobox to improve the articles, especially those of geography (countries, cities), if you know how to create templates, I would be grateful that we could include several templates as other wikis, Together we can make a better web wikipedia

jesusmunich 21:26, 27 Setema 2010 (UTC)


I was trying to make, but the problem is that you work with the codes of wikipedia, so leave it blank

--jesusmunich jesusmunich 21:28, 27 Setema 2010 (UTC)


the problem is that I do not know how to make a template or an infobox and I want someone who does know add multiple templates to this wikipedia, and they are not necessary to further develop samoa wikipedia

--jesusmunich 03:18, 28 Setema 2010 (UTC)